UGRAN Drive Safe Inc.

UGRAN Drive Safe Incorporated is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation based in Ottawa, Canada.A unique solution provider in Smartphone Telematics Driving technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and responsible while helping fulfill their purpose in life’s journey to the end instead of an abrupt end. Our innovations in research and development of drive safe solutions that will put the safety of drivers first - we believe modern technological innovations should keep the user safe, not put their life in danger.Ugran Drive Safe technologies provide great solutions to prevent drivers from distracted driving due to cell phones, Provide driving habit data, Speed limit warning alarms, Automatic head light controls and much more. All the company’s solutions are designed to work in any Android or iOS smart phone without the help of any additional hardware.

UGRAN Inc. has patented and developed brand new cell phone and automobile safety accessories which makes the driving safer and comfortable. The Company currently has seven unique patented innovations in US and Canada for disable mechanism for any portable computing systems including cell phones operated by drivers and other five innovative automobile safety accessory products. Company plans to sell telematics and disable mechanism for portable computing systems through insurance companies and software application download channels. Other automobile safety accessory inventions will be sold through aftermarket automotive parts, accessories retailers globally and on line. Ugran systems improve the safety of driver when driving with smart phones, Reduce the rate of accidents due to cell phone distracted driving, Help people to save money on the auto insurance and avoid drivers from getting costly speeding tickets.

Ugran Features

Accurate Location

We can automatically locate the smart phone of driver in a vehicle through the Bluetooth and Beacon technology.

Motion Detection

We detect the motion of the vehicle not only through the GPS signal but also through a combination of other motion analyzers equipped in the smart phone

Smart Disable

Smart disable can enable the smart phone to lock specific functions when the driving speed is above a predetermined threshold

Driving habit data pooling

Collect the driving habit data, such as the speed, acceleration, driving times and sudden breaking and send the information to the Ugran Cloud service for data analysis

Interactive Unlock

Our solution can automatically unlock the smart phones when the driving speed becomes below a threshold. At the same time, an interactive unlock operation is designed for the passenger to unlock the smart phone manually in Passenger mode by using bio-metric solutions.

Driver and Passenger Mode

We provide driver mode and passenger mode when the automobile in motion and disable system is active for driver and passenger phones. Real time codes and bio-metric solutions are generated in Driver mode. The phone in Passenger mode could scan this code for unlocking for normal operation.

Smart speed alarm

A high quality Speedometer warning application with sophisticated artificial intelligence to provide warnings whenever speed exceeds the threshold.

Emergency traffic condition warning

Accident preventing warning system to increase efficiency for fleet operators and to revolutionize transportation industry.

Our Partners

Immneos Technologies
Invest Ottawa